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The Warriorswww

The Warriors from Rockstar
The Warriors from Rockstar

This is one of those movie crossovers, in which a million things could go wrong, however, in the hands of Rockstar can we expect anything less than hours of exhilarating game play?

The Warriors definitely meets the requirements of an awesome game. The fight system is a work of art, with players able to control an entire gang within, what seem to be, a standard 3rd person set up. The action is fast paced, with raids, chases, stealth and it’s innovative gang wars, and if that wasn’t enough, there are a wide variety of extra modes too to keep you entertained. Of course, plenty of the gangs from the movie make an appearance, such as the Baseball Furies, the Hi-Hats and the Riffs.

The original cast does many of the voiceovers, the soundtrack is also superb. The sounds are very realistic, with cracking bones and sickening thuds rivalling that of Manhunt. This is definitely worth your buy, one of Rockstar’s greatest!
Review by Ryanblade

City of Villains

City of Villains
"this time you’re on the side of evil"

This is the standalone sequel to the MMORPG City of heroes, and with both games added together for player vs player battling, hours of fun ensue. For anyone who has played city of heroes, not a lot has changed. You can still create your own character from scratch which includes costumes and powers!

When you have created your character you can then go out and fight numerous amounts of enemies, from low-level humans, to creatures much more sinister. However, this time you’re on the side of evil, and with a whole array of powers, extra city zones, the ability to build your own evil lairs and missions involving all acts of villainy including kidnapping, the experience will be very different.

For veteran City of hero players, this will add a lot more to the experience, with both games working together, by allowing players from both different games to fight, you can really get a feel into the villainy. However, with no major graphical improvements, no major improvements to the usually slow gaming and the somewhat, slow paced action, this really isn’t worth a look into unless you’re already a fan of the previous game, (unless RPG’s/superheroes are your thing!).Review by Ryanblade

Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2
"something of epic proportions"

This hard-hitting sequel delivers everything it says on the tin. For anyone out there looking for a gritty, realistic war game are in for a treat. With a market already flooded with ww2 games, it is hard to find one that really hits the nail on the head. Call of Duty 2 however, does just that.

This first person shooter will throw you behind the gun once more in a highly detailed, graphically awe-inspiring battlefield. The sounds are amazing, from grittily realistic sounds blasting from the muzzle of the guns, to the echo of the bombs being dropped all over the highly detailed levels. The enemies have a much more aggressive AI, making each one a formidable foe.

The real winning factor of the game, however, is the feeling of being part of something much too big to imagine, something of epic proportions. There aren’t many games on the market that realise this feeling, which is a great shame. There aren’t many negative aspects to this game, other than the fact that not much has really changed since its predecessor.Review by Ryanblade 19