Dunk Shot – Star Cheat

Dunk Shot

Dunk Shot is a basket game. Tap the screen and throw the ball in the direction you want. Your goal is to throw the ball into the ladles and collect points. You can earn bonus points if you can throw the ball directly without hitting the corners. If you can make these bonuses in succession, you have the chance to win more bonuses each time. You can play the game without internet connection. Thanks to the stars you collect in the game you can buy new balls and buy the gem. Gems is the item you have to spend to change the background. There are various backgrounds within the game. You can buy whichever you like and change it at any time.

Although the game seems very difficult at first, you can improve and master yourself as you play. In-game training mode is available to improve yourself. These training modes are against time, score, bounce and no aim. You need to reach the desired score within a certain period of time in the time mode. If you can get your score you can get your prize. In score mode, you need to reach a certain score. If you reach this score you can get the prize. In Bounce mode, you have to complete the desired number of bounce. You can get your reward if you can. In the No aim mode you have to finish the tour without arrows. No aim mode is very difficult, but the rewards are too much compared to others.

There is also a wheel system in the game. You can flip the wheel using the stars you collect while playing. You can earn a gem or fortune ball from the wheel. The most valuable ball variant in the game, fortune ball is very difficult to take. You can spend at any time your gems you earn from the wheel.


1- Do Not Hurry

Hurry is the worst thing in this game. A rushing player is definitely defeated. Take your time and be patient. Calculate before shooting and make a good shot. Remember that it is not an online game and you are not trying to defeat your opponent. So be comfortable and don’t rush

2- Make Combos

Normally, each shot gets 1 point, and thanks to combos, these points are doubled. Every combo you make in succession will give you more points. So instead of winning 50 points in 50 shots, you can earn 55 points in 10 shots. Try to make combo to earn more points in a short time.

3- Flip the Wheel

Turning the wheel gives you a gem and the most valuable thing in the game is the gems. You can buy new themes and new balls by spending a bit of a gem. You need to spend a lot of stars to turn the wheel. You can collect stars free of charge by playing games. The items that you getting from the wheel is just by your chance


 Star Cheat

By downloading the game’s star trick mode, you can flip the wheel of the game as many times as you like and collect as many gem as you like. This wheel also has the possibility to take the fortune ball. If you do not want to play hundreds of times play and collect the stars, you can download the star version of the game. You can find this version by doing a short research on the Internet. Thanks to this version you can buy the theme you want. You can also have the ball you want.

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